Tool Rest Adaptor Sleeve Jig- Converts 5/8" to 1" OD (Woodturning Lathe)

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    Tool Rest Adaptor Sleeve Jig - Converts 5/8" to 1" OD (Woodturning Lathe)

    This tool allows you to use a Tool rest which has a 5/8" post (mini lathe) on a full size lathe which uses a 1" post in the banjo.  These are very popular with woodturners who have upgraded to a larger lathe.  You can now use all the tool rests which you purchased for your mini lathe on your full size lathe.

    These tool rest adaptor sleeves are a full 4" long so they will work on a Powermatic full size lathe such as a 3520 a, 3520b, 4224 a or 4224b


    5/8" inside hole x 1" outside dia  x 4" long post


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