EZ Basket Weave Illusion Kit with Woodturning Lathe Index System

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    EZ Basket Weave Illusion Kit with Woodturning Lathe Index System

    NO MORE PENCIL LINES  !!! Save over 75% of the time making basket weave illusions vs using the traditional manual pencil method.

    Easily open up the beautiful world of basket illusions and finish a project in a weekend vs 2 months.

    Working with production turner Dan Burleson who has mastered the burning sled approach for basket weave illusion we now have a fantastic kit allowing it to be more approachable to everybody.

    Special Introductory Pricing  Save $49!   

    Kit Includes:

    1 - Platform

    2 - Steel Index Wheel

    3 - Color Step-by-Step Guide with Youtube Setup Video (Covers 3 types of projects: Vase, Platter and Box)

    4 - Index Wheel Lock w/ Spring loaded pin

    5 - Burning Pen Sled

    6 - Sled burning tip

    7 - Fishtail Manual burn tip

    Made in the USA

    Not Included - Burning Machine and a 3/16in Beading Tool which are required 

    Available Options (select the click boxes above)

    Extra Burning Pen - This allows you to have the fish tail burning tip in a dedicated pen so you dont have to swap it out with the sled burning pen.
    D-way 3/16in Beading tool - You need to use a beading tool to create the basket weave effect.  Go with a D-way tool which is the best you can buy.
    D-way 1/8in Beading tool - The 3/16 beading tool is the most common size for basket weaving but advanced turners use a 1/8in beading tool.
    Extra burning tips - It is always good to have a spare set when you need one.

    Basket Weave Illusion by Dan Burleson

    Threaded Lidded Boxes w/ Basket Weave Illusion by Dan Burleson

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