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How to Create a Cribbage Board using a Steel Cribbage Board Template

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Our steel cribbage board templates make it easy to create a cribbage board which has evenly spaced holes.  The steel templates are very durable unlike common acrylic templates sold by other sites.  

Follow these steps below to create a beautiful cribbage board.


How to create a Cribbage Board using our Steel Cribbage Board Template

  1. Select a piece of wood for the cribbage board.  The typical size is 12” x 5 ”x 3/4” or if you are using a cribbage board emblem, 15” x 5 ”x 3/4”.
  2. Center the steel cribbage board template on the wood then secure it using blue masking tape.
  3. Set your Drill press to 500 rpm.  Using a standard 1/8” HS Twist drill bit (Brad point bits are not recommended) and a piece of scrap wood determine the depth of the peg holes.  Typically 1/2" deep works well but do some testing to determine what you feel is acceptable.  A hole which is too deep will make the pegs stick while a hole to shallow will make the pegs wobbly.
  4. Set your Drill press depth gauge and start by drilling a hole in the top left corner and bottom right corner of the template.  Insert a peg into each hole which will firmly secure the template to the wooden board  NOTE – the first time the steel template is used metal shavings might be created.  DO NOT use your finger to wipe away the saw dust.
  5. Finish drilling all the rest of the holes.
  6. To store the pegs drill a 7/16" hole in the end of the board 4” deep.
  7. Nail the Cribbage peg storage cap over the 7/16" hole.
  8. Sand the board.
  9. Apply a finish.
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