Crushgrind Coffee Mechanism Starter 3pc Kit (woodturning kit)

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    Crushgrind Coffee Mechanism Starter 3pc Kit (woodturning kit)

    Exclusive Offering

    We have worked with some top turners on creating a step by step guide on creating a crushgrind coffee mill.  We are sure you will be pleased with the intuitive way they have designed the mill to be very functional.  The result will be a beautiful coffee grinder which will be cherished.

    Crushgrind makes the best ceramic based peppermill mechanisms and now they are the best for coffee too.

    Kit Includes:

    1ea - CrushGrind Coffee mill
    1ea - CrushGrind coffee 6in hand crank
    1ea - Color Step-by-Step Guide

    Compare the size of the CrushGrind coffee mill with a CrushGrind pepper mill

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