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EZ Ball Radius Jig XL (6in Max Ball Size) Supports all model lathes

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SKU Code: 510-80-3357
Product Code: ball-jig-xl
Price: $239.00 $210.00

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EZ Ball Radius Jig XL (6in Max Ball Size) Supports all model lathes

A Chefwarekits's Exclusive Offering !!!

The EZ Ball Radius Jig is making it Accurate, Affordable and Easy to Turn ball shaped items on a Woodworking Lathe

A new style wood ball cutting jig has been introduced to the wood turning community called the EZ Ball Radius Jig.  The unique design is a very easy way of cutting perfect shaped balls on a woodturning lathe.  Compared to other available jigs the EZ Ball Radius Cutting Jig is simple to setup, easy to use and cost much less. 

Key Features

  • Setup takes 5 minutes!  
  • No complicated calculations required simply tighten the HSS 20 degree bit and the require angle is automatically set
  • Banjo design supports all of your lathes 
  • Robust Heavy-Duty Dovetail Design 
  • Machined to be accurate and precise 
  • No fussing around with setup 
  • Quick removal for storage 
  • Very Affordable!
James on 10/16/2013
1 reviews

I would be happy to comply as they are great products. I make balls sand-stain-hollow out-cut threads-put on a lacqure finish and can't keep up with the demand. Keep up the good work.

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Here are a few YouTube Videos showing the EZ Ball Radius Jig in use.

Featured by Carl Jacobson of

Here is another Woodturner using the Ball Radius Jig



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