EZ Threading COMBO Jig - Cut threads or a perfect sphere using the same woodturning jig

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    EZ Threading COMBO Jig - Made in USA - Cut wooden threads and also the option to create a wooden sphere!

    The EZ Threading COMBO jig  allows you to cut 16tpi threads, 10tpi threads and also a sphere all using the same jig.

    A woodturning threading jig is key to consistent results when threading all types of soft woods like Cherry, Walnut and Maple!

    Why is the EZ Threading COMBO jig the best on the market?

    We have been selling threading and sphere turning jigs for over 6 years which have become the industry standards for value and ease of use.

    EXCLUSIVE adjustable bushing design allows you to adjust the tolerance of the threading spindle which is critical if you thread large diameter pieces or long pieces such as an URN.

    Our banjo design allows easy setup and alignment.  If you need to support another lathe simply buy an inexpensive jig banjo post.

    New this year we have added the ability to "bolt-on" a sphere cutting component which will allow you to turn a perfect sphere!!!

    Made in the USA

    Key Points
    • Only our Thread cutter jig allows you to adjust the tension on the spindle so that you can always achieve zero play.
    • Smart banjo design allows the jig to fit any lathe which has a Banjo
    • Club demo friendly use the same jig on a Jet mini, full size Oneway or Powermatic etc by just changing the jig post.
    • The jig has been designed to allow you to quickly swing it to the side out of the way to check the threads on a piece and then swing it back to cut more if needed.
    • CNC machined to be very precise with tight tolerances allows you to thread very large pieces.
    • Setup takes 5 mins !

    Includes the following Items:
    1ea - EZ Threading Pro XL Jig Body
    1ea - 16 tpi Threaded Spindle with Chuck Adapter
    1ea - Jig Banjo Post with Height Ring
    1ea - Double Angle HSS Thread Cutter (60 deg)
    1ea - 3/8in Collet #2MT with Drawbar parts
    1ea - DVD and Step by Step Product Guide
    1ea - Tips and Tricks Threading Handout

    Optional Sphere cutting add-on shown below

    Quick and easy conversion in under 10 mins !

    Review by Mike Peace

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