Iphone Cell Phone Camera Selfie Stick (Woodturning Kit)

  • Iphone Cell Phone Camera Selfie Stick (Woodturning Kit) Fun Woodturning Projects
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    Iphone Cell Phone Camera Selfie Stick Woodturning Kit

    You slip your Iphone or cell phone into the top of this item and extend it out to take a selfie camera picture.

    Adding a custom turned handle completes the kit.  Fun and very useful.

    Includes a chrome ferrule

    Instructions for making an Iphone Selfie woodturning kit

    Turn a handle between centers.
    Turn a tenon for the chrome ferrule.
    Epoxy the ferrule onto the handle.
    Center punch a hole in the middle of wood in the middle of the ferrule.
    Drill a hole the same dia as the tube.
    Extend the tube all the way out.
    Epoxy the tube into the hole.


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