Hunter #2 Clewes Carbide Tool (Woodturning)

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    Hunter #2 Clewes Carbide Mate Tool (Woodturning)  (shown with optional handle)

    Designed by Jimmy Clewes and manufactured by Mike Hunter with his renowned high quality cup cutters, the new Mate #1 and Mate #2 are extremely versatile and user friendly hollowing/roughing woodturning tools with great value and versatility for the money.

    Mate #2 has an 8 mm cup cutter set in a machined pocket at approximately 32 degrees; this allows for a more user friendly, less aggressive cut which is great for confidence building! The Mate #2 will do everything the Mate #1 does and because of the larger diameter on the cutter, it will result in an amazing finish on the surface of the wood using a light touch.

    The cutter is set just below the surface of the tool, which helps protect the cutter from inadvertent and very irritating chips in the edge.  The cutter is held in place with a #2 torx screw tightened with a standard T-9 flag style torx wrench. The reason for the flag style wrench is that the screw only needs to be finger tight!!  Do not over tighten.  A light coating of wax prior to use will help loosen the cutter screw when you have been turning wet wood.  it is recommended to use the screw provided as the cutter ID has a taper which matches the taper on the screw to provide a secure lock up of the cutter.

    Click here to view Jimmy Clewes using this Hunter Clewes Carbide Tool

    A Hunter carbide cutter will outlast HSS by at least a 100 times before needing a sharp edge again.  It only takes a minute to loosen the torx screw, turn the carbide cutter and retighten the screw and you have a brand new fresh edge.  The technology of carbide cutters brings to a woodturner a brilliant time saving approach which makes woodturning fun again!

    Made in the USA

    We are confident that you will enjoy your top quality American made Hunter carbide woodturning tool.

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