Robert Sorby 859CGH Crushgrind Recess Groove Cutting Tool (Woodturning)

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    Robert Sorby 859CGH Crushgrind Recess Groove Cutting Tool (Woodturning) Peppermill Kits
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    Robert Sorby 859CGH CrushGrind Recess Groove Cutting Tool (Woodturning)
    A must have tool if you are serious about making CrushGrind pepper mills without using any glue or having to grind off tabs!  This tool delivers consistent accurate results everytime because it was refined by a woodturner for woodturners.  Desgned by woodturner, Brian K. Fitzsimmons of Constable Woodcrafts, this tool takes the guesswork out of cutting the two required recesses in exactly position required to secure a CrushGrind mill mechanism without the need of using glue. Unique to this Sorby CrushGrind tool is a depth gauge which ensures the groves are the correct size and shape but also located in the correct position.

    Why the Robert Sorby CrushGrind Recess Tool? 
    Many turners believe that the Robert Sorby CrushGrind Recess Tool is much more superior to the Crown Click-In CrushGrind Recess Tool or the Pinnacle Cryogenic Pepper Mill Tool because the Robert Sorby tool has a special shape and markings on its blade which takes the guess work out of cutting the exact location needed for the recess allowing the CrushGrind to snap into a mill correctly, everytime.

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