Alumilite Casting Clear Resin (woodturning) Pen Casting of Worthless Wood, Pine cones etc

  • Alumilite Casting Clear Resin (woodturning) Pen Casting of Worthless Wood, Pine cones etc
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    Alumilite Casting Clear Resin (woodturning) Pen Casting of Worthless Wood, Pine cones etc

    This resin IS NOT for stabilizing wood (Cactus Juice is used for stabilizing) but for casting worthless wood, pine cones etc typically under pressure.  It is very popular in making a pen blank or a bottle stopper blank.  Many of our customers stabilize wood and also cast wood so to save on shipping they have requested us to stock Alumilite.

    Alumilite Clear is a crystal clear resin which is very easy to use.  It is not brittle like PR allowing it to be used in a wide variety of clear casting applications and preferred by professional blank makers around the world!  This resin was specially formulated with the woodworker's needs in mind including:

    • Resilience (less brittle than other resin types frequently used) so that your finished pieces don't crack if accidentally dropped
    • High polishability to achieve that high gloss many demand
    • High machinability which make your finished blanks easy to turn on a lathe, cut, route, or shape on a belt sander
    • Low shrinkage which makes Alumilite Clear the preferred resin for Worthless Wood** (wood and resin) castings
    • Optical clarity for those times you need a clear casting which also means your dyed castings will remain true to color
    • Very low odor so that your entire shop does not stink like when using other resins!

    Alumilite Clear has a 7min open time and pressure casting is recommended to achieve bubble free results.

    Alumilite Clear must be mixed 1:1 by weight NOT VOLUME. Off ratio mixing may produce hazy or frosted parts.

    B side may thicken and need to be warmed before use.

    This casting resin is the standard when casting "worthless wood"

    Recommended for industrial use only

    Alumilite is sold by weight,  This kit includes 4 pounds (3.6 kg) each of A and B, approximately 1 gallons of mixed resin

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