Brazilian Rosewood Pen Turning Blank

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    Brazilian Rosewood Pen Turning Blank

    We came across a bundle of Brazilian Rosewood blanks which are 1/2" x 1/2" x 8 ".  This is the real stuff!!.  These blanks are very beautiful, rich in color with many having some really fantastic figure.  Look at the pics and you can easily see why the world loves this specie of wood.

    Brazillian rosewood is very rare and endangered so it is expensive when you find any (if you can find any) in that its usually only stock on hand that gets sold and when its gone its gone.  

    This sized blank is perfect for 7mm sized tubes  What is so great about the size of this blank is that it only takes 10 mins to turn a pen down to size which is ready for sanding!!! vs starting out with a 3/4" sized blank and producing a bunch of shavings.

    These blanks are perfect for making beautiful slimline pen sets or for creating an Ipad or Iphone stylus.  Selling pens made with this wood at an art show to people who play wooden instruments will be a real hit.

     These can only be shipped to a US address.

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