Easy Chuck 4in with Dovetail Jaw set

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    Easy Chuck 4in with Dovetail Jaw set

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    What makes the Easy Chuck the best chuck on the market?

    Quality — ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturing assures you the highest possible quality.
    Snap Lock Technology — Easy Jaws snap securely in place yet release instantly with the provided tool.
    Zoom Ring — Fingertip control for quick and easy jaw adjustment.
    Top Jaws Not Numbered — It makes no difference which top jaw goes in which slot.
    Strong Jaw Design — Easy Jaws are held in place by the chuck body, not small screws that are susceptible to shearing.
    Safety Corners — Rounded outer corners of Easy Jaws reduce chance of injury.
    Hub Set Screws — Provided for locking chuck to lathe spindle for sanding in reverse.
    Easy Jaw Sets — A size for every project so you can chuck your project safely.

    Easy Chuck 4in
    1 3/8” Easy Dovetail Jaws
    Chuck Key - 5/16" Hex T-Handle
    Jaw Key - 1/8" Hex Ball Driver
    Spindle Washer, Spare Hub Set Screws & Spare Master Jaw Springs
    Owner's manual and DVD


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