Hunter Full Swan Neck #3 Carbide Reverse Rotation Tool (Woodturning)

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    Hunter Full Swan Neck #3 Carbide Reverse Rotation Woodturning Tool  (shown with optional handle)

    These Hunter Swan Necks are real problem solvers. With practice, you will have very little sanding to do.  This tool is especially useful for turning boxes and the insides of all hollow forms. It is manufactured from the standard # 3 tool, but with the distinctive swan-neck.

    The Hunter carbide manufacturing approach produces a superior finish which cuts the fibers of the wood unlike other carbide tools in today's wood turning market.  These tools are excellent for making bowls, boxes, bird houses and ornaments. They say once you touch a Hunter carbide you will never look back.  As with all of the Hunter Tools, they are to be used at the recomended 45degree angle.

    A Hunter carbide cutter will outlast HSS by at least a 100 times before needing a sharp edge again.  It only takes a minute to loosen the torx screw, turn the carbide cutter and retighten the screw and you have a brand new fresh edge.  The technology of carbide cutters brings to a woodturner a brilliant time saving approach which makes woodturning fun again!

    Includes : 10in Long x 3/8in Dia Tool Shank, Hunter #3 Carbide Cutter, Torx Screw and a Torx Wrench

    Made in the USA

    We are confident that you will enjoy your top quality American made Hunter carbide woodturning tool.

    Here is the recommended approach to best leverage a Hunter carbide tool:

    Many wood turning professionals use Hunter tools in the final finshing cuts of a piece.   You can hollow an object completely with the Hunter Tool, but most turners rough hollow with conventional tooling.  They then use the Hunter Tools for the final form, shaping, and finish cuts.

    The Hunter Tools are best used at higher RPM (1800-2200 RPM) to have sufficient surface speed.  With fine tool control you can peel off shavings that are onion skin thin. The surface will be so smooth that little sanding will be needed. Of course as with any other cutting tool you will be cutting with the grain for the smoothest cut. So for the underside of box rims, cut from the rim to the major diameter of the body of the box. Once you reach that diameter, lift the tool and cut from the bottom upward to the major diameter of the body of the box.  It is mesmerizing to peel of these ultrafine shavings so be careful or you may make the inside merge with the outside….

    There is a learning curve with the Hunter. You have to learn to rotate the tool clockwise into the cut with the tool slightly above center and angled downward somewhat like a scraper. The tool does not scrape; it cuts like nothing you have ever seen.  Don’t expect to hog out the interior of a box or something similar quickly. The tool is not designed for that … it is a final form and finish cut tool.

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