Hunter Tapered #1 "Christmas Ornament" Carbide Tool 2pc Set (Woodturning)

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    Hunter Tapered #1 "Christmas Ornament" Carbide Tool 2pc Set (Woodturning) Hunter Carbide Tools
  • Hunter Tapered #1 "Christmas Ornament" Carbide Tool 2pc Set (Woodturning) Hunter Carbide Tools
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    Hunter Tapered #1 "Christmas Ornament" Carbide Tool 2pc Set (Woodturning)  (shown with optional handles)

    A very unique set which you will soon wonder how you ever turned without them.

    The Hunter Carbide Woodturning # 1 Taper tools were designed by Mark St. Leger, a noted box maker. They are to be used on vessel’s with a max size of 3in. These # 1 Taper Tools can be used to rough out hollow forms, but the best use is for finishing and final form shaping as shown on the illustration.

    Here is what each tool is designed to do:

    Hunter # 1 Straight tool is used to clean up the bottom

    Hunter #1 Shoulder (or Back) tool is designed to reach and clean up the shoulder which is the hardest cut for many turners.

    To review ornament globes from various known turners, a common thread is the globe outside diameter is about 2 1/4″ and the globe outside height is about 1 1/2.” Most turners will hollow ornament globes through a 5/8″ or 3/4″ diameter opening.

    To make a globe with these dimensions, the only tools needed are the # 1 Taper Straight and # 1 Taper Back tool. It is a pleasing form for the globe and it is amazingly easy to hollow a globe with these two tools. Just open up the bottom with the # 1 Straight tool and then using the # 1 Taper Back tool, clean up under the shoulder to the major diameter on the inside of the globe.

    Includes :

    Each tool has a round shank 6in Long x 3/8in Dia

    1ea - Hunter #1 Carbide Tapered Straight Tool with Cutter

    1ea - Hunter #1 Carbide Tapered Shoulder Tool with Cutter

    2ea - Torx Screw

    1ea - Torx Wrench

    A Hunter carbide cutter will outlast HSS by at least a 100 times before needing a sharp edge again.  It only takes a minute to loosen the torx screw, turn the carbide cutter and retighten the screw and you have a brand new fresh edge.  The technology of carbide cutters brings to a woodturner a brilliant time saving approach which makes woodturning fun again!

    Made in the USA

    We are confident that you will enjoy your top quality American made Hunter carbide woodturning tool.

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