Pro Pen Turning Mandrel Kit (Adjustable Collet)

  • Pro Pen Turning Mandrel Kit (Adjustable Collet) Pen Turning Supplies
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    Pro Pen Turning Mandrel Kit (Adjustable Collet)

    This is the only pen mandrel which we will sell.  It is a high quality piece with an adjustable collet which secures a 7mm rod which can slide through the Mandrel's body. The shorter the rod the better when turning a pen in that it reduces the chance of the mandrel shaft bowing.

    Once you use this pro mandrel you will never go back to the other inferior design.  We have reviewed a collet which you tighten by hand but we feel using wrenches is the best way to be sure nothing will move.
    Kit includeds the following:
    1ea - Mandrel Body with Adjustable Collect
    1ea - 7mm Rod (which can be replaced if needed)
    5ea -  7mm Bushings
    2ea - Collect Wrench
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