EZ Vacuum Chuck 3in Kit (Fits any MT#2 Lathe) (woodturning) Hold Fast

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    EZ Vacuum Chuck 3in Kit (Fits any MT#2 Lathe) (woodturning) Hold Fast

    This kit does not include a vacuum generator or pump

    This vacuum chuck kit is perfect for sanding a ball you created with our ball sphere cutting jig or finishing the bottom of a box which you threaded with our threading jig. 

    A proven solution to vacuum chucking on any lathe which has a MT#2 spindle nose. Very easy to setup. No fussing with home made PVC solutions which leak.

    Click here to watch Vacuum Chucking with Nick Cook

    Click here to watch Vacuum Chucking with Carl Jacobson

    Here is everything you need to preform all types of vacuum chucking with your woodturning lathe.

    This is the best was to finish turn the bottom foot from a wood plate or platter or bowl on your woodturning lathe.

    Excellent for knocking off the nib of wood after you turn a sphere by hand or using a sphere ball cutting radius jig.

    Works fantastic for quickly sanding then applying a finish to a bowl using vacuum.

    Once you start to explore all that you can do with a vacuum chuck you will wonder how you ever did any work without one.

    Made in the USA

    System Includes the Following:

    1ea - Hold Fast Vacuum Chuck 3in with Aluminum adapter which is molded into chuck for a perfect seal
    1ea - Hold Fast Universal Adapter Rotary Bearing - Top quality aluminum pieces connect the vacuum generator to the vacuum chuck.  
    1ea - 18in long 
    3/8” plated steel threaded rod - simply trim to size to fit your lathe (additional rod can be purchased to fit other lathes, too!)
    1ea - Spare set of chuck seals
    1ea - Spare Nose seal
    2ea - Spare Bearing Seal
    1ea - Aluminum Chuck Adapter Seal

    Made in the USA


    Here is a close up of the Rotary bearing adapter installed on the lathe spindle wheel:

    Here is a close up of the rotary adapter nose installed in the lathe MT#2 hole:



    Optional Reverse Chuck Adapter (add above in the options section)
    High quality tool which is self centering making it simple to mount a work piece onto your vacuum chuck.

    Check out the video above to see this tool in action!

    A simple process to accomplish a challenging task: 
    a) finish turning your work piece
    b) remove the scroll chuck from the lathe with your work piece attached
    c) attach the scroll chuck to the reversing adapter
    c) Insert the reversing adapter into the lathe tail stock
    d) setup the vacuum chuck on your lathe
    e) slide the tail stock with the attached scroll chuck and work piece up to the vacuum chuck
    f) turn on the vacuum which will attach its self to the work piece
    g) loosen the scroll chuck jaws
    h) slide away the tail stock
    i) finish the work piece 


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