Cribbage Board 4-lane Steel Template Starter Kit (Woodworking Kit) Made in the USA

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    Cribbage Board 4-lane Steel Template Starter Kit (Woodworking Kit)

    This  4-player cribbage board template is designed to make it easy to produce straight lines with perfectly spaced holes. The end result will be a high quality professional cribbage board.

    Durable steel template made of 10 gauge steel which is made to last a very long time, unlike plastic templates.

    If you are 'off' trying to align the bit with the hole, no damage will be done to this steel template, and even better the drill bit will 'drift' into the hole.

    An inexpensive 1/8" drill bit is required.

    Approx Size - 4in by 14in

    Included is everything you need to produce 2 high quality 4-lane cribbage boards.  Use this kit to get started and take orders at your next craft show.

    This Kit includes:

     1 ea - Steel Cribbage Template (4-player Layout)
     1 ea  - Cribbage Door with Nail
    12 ea - Metal Cribbage Pegs

    Special - For a limited time we wiill even include 2 HS Titanium Nitride 1/8" Drill bits to get you started!

    Made in the USA

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