Deluxe Beer Tap Handle Base with Bottle Opener (Heavy Duty) Woodturning Kit

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    Deluxe Beer Tap Handle Base with Bottle Opener (Heavy Duty) Woodturning Kit

    This is not a working beer tap but acts as a bottle opener. 

    Mount this fantastic quality kit on a turned base or flat board and you will have a real winner to sell at your next craft shows.

    Be creative and turn an oak barrel front and add an accent piece made out of walnut or even better pick up a strip of copper and nail it around the edge.  Another option is to turn the tap handle and mount it on a piece of lumber. 

    Add a sports or military emblem and you will really have a true winner.

    Many sports fans also collect their own tap handles from their favorite brewers allowing you to simply create a base for this kit and they will add their own tap handle.



    1ea - Tap Bottle Opener Body
    1ea - Tap Bottle Opener Base
    2ea - Base Wood Screws
    1ea - Allen Wrench



    Tap Handle Chrome Top - Accent your custom tap handle with this chrome piece

    Tap Handle Brass Insert - Install this piece into the base of the tap handle if you want to be able to easily remove the handle in the future.

    Bottle Cap Catcher Magnet - This is mounted under the bottle opener which will catch caps.


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