Palette Knife Painting Tools (Woodturning Kit) 5pc Stainless Set

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    Palette Knife Painting Tools  (Woodturning Kit) 5pc Stainless Set

    These palette knives are thin and work great for spreading, mixing, scrubbing & scratching your paint while making a masterpiece.

    Turn a set of custom handles out of an exotic wood and these will be a quick sale at the next art exhibit you sell at.

    Approx SIze (left to right)

    a - 5-1/2" (3-1/2" head)
    b - 5"  (3" head)
    c - 4" (2-1/2" head)
    d - 3-1/2" (2" head)
    e - 3-1/2" (1-1/2 head)

    Stainless Steel


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