Professional Wood Stabilization Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Kit for Duck calls, Peppermills, Bowls, Boxes & Pen Blanks (Woodturning) Wood Stabilization Kits

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    Professional Wood Stabilization Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Kit for Peppermills, Bottle Stoppers, Duck Calls, Spindles, Boxes & Pen Blanks (Woodturning)

    This is a top of the line large aluminum vacuum chamber ideal for using resin to stabilize wood blanks to be used in woodturning. Woods that tend to crack and check, such as spalted woods, can now become solid, easily turned pieces with the application of heat cured resin that penetrates deeply into the wood

    Professional Quality Chamber which weighs over 13 lbs with walls and a flat base which is 1/4in thick!!!  It can easily manage HUGE batches of wood.

    A Polycarbonate clear lid (1/2 inch thick) is used with this professional chamber which is super strong and will not craze.  This same material is used for creating bulletproof windshields.

    XL size capacity - 17-3/4in x 6-1/4in dia (inside) x 1/4in thick

    Includes the following:

    1ea - Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Extruded (No welds)
    1ea - Polycarbonate Clear (1/2in) Lid
    1ea - Foam Seal
    1ea - Brass Vacuum Manifold with Fittings

    NO Vacuum Generator is included with this kit so you must provide your own vacuum source

    Optional Items (Select above)

    Dye Combo Pack - This set of dyes will last you a long time.


    Cactus Juice Wood Stabilization Resin - The best resin for all your stabilization needs.  It was the 1st on the market and has stayed ahead of the others out there because it works excellent.


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