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Chefwarekits sells 100's of wood turning project kits many which are exclusive to our site.
Our wood threading and wood sphere turning jigs are made right here in New Hampshire and the same is true
for our galvanized steel cribbage board templates. 

Threaded Sphere with Basket Weave Illusion Effect
By Dan Burleson

New & Exclusive

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New! Crushgrind Coffee Mill

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EZ Sphere COMBO Jig

The same jig can cut Spheres and wooden Threads!

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Nothing on the market comes close to the capabilities of our new EZ Sphere COMBO jig.
Our unique design cuts the sphere "over the top"
not in front which makes it easy to control and setup  

Easily create a perfect spheres ranging in size from 1in up to 10in !!!

Not only is this the best Sphere jig you can buy but it also can be quickly converted over to a Threading Jig!

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We import direct from Europe ultra high-end cheese cutlery knives which are very popular for craftsmen who sell to galleries and studios.  Our ultimate series kits are excellent when matched with an antler, cork or ceramic handle, too.  We stock hard to find Crushgrind mills and American made Pepper and Salt mill grinder kits.  We offer many options for Wood Stabilization using vacuum including a full line of Vacuum chuck systems for your lathe.  Take a look and you will quickly see so much choices for project kits and so much more!




Kate H 01/12/2018
I bought a bunch of kits for my husband for Christmas (wine stoppers, pizza cutter, grilling spatula, bottle opener, and seam ripper). He got a kick out of me using his Christmas gift to get something I've wanted for a while: my seam ripper. He enjoyed guilt free time at the lathe and spoiled me with my custom ripper. Want a great marriage? Find ways to encourage each other's hobbies with your own hobby. <br /> <br /> It was great to give my husband quality kits that give him a chance to relax in the woodshop. This is only possible with kits that work the way they should. Great products!
Charles Hendren 12/08/2017
I'm an Army vet with a Bronze Star from Viet Nam, but repairing my pepper mill is a new challenge. The help I got from fellow vet Craig is impressively helpful. Thanks very much. This is a great website.
Michael Valuet 10/02/2017
I am very pleased with my EZ Sphere Jig. While I can come close to a sphere by hand it is difficult to exactly match spheres when the project calls for more than one, like the tops of my salt and pepper mills. With the jig not only can I make a perfect sphere I can exactly match sizes. Caution, don’t sharpen the cutter to an angle less than the 80 degrees as shipped. The jig cuts on the vertical plane, not a horizontal. I received very helpful information/tips from Craig. Enjoy.
David 08/03/2017
Chefware kits Are great people to work with. I ordered cactus juice and vacuum bags. They are hundred percent reliable and fast. They also keep you informed all the way through the process. I wish there were more vendors like this one.
Johnny 05/31/2017
keep up the good work