About Us

Chefwarekits is a small family run business located in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.  We like to keep things simple up here with a focus on loving our country, loving our family and most importantly loving God.

The owner, Craig Lapiana, developed a love for woodworking after his return from a command, he held overseas, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF4) back in 2004 in Afghanistan.  Woodworking was a healthy way for him to get back into a "civilian mode" on his return from the war. 

Looking to expand his skills a lathe was soon purchased and Craig started to create custom kitchen utensils which attracted a lot of attention.  Soon after a  demand followed and after some serious prayer Craig decided to leave IBM to pursue Chefwarekits full time.  So from a  humble beginning Chefwarekits has grown into a veteran family owned business which imports product from all over the world allowing us to offer some of the most unique woodturning products you can find.

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