EZ Open Segment Form Jig for Woodturning Lathe

Introducing a quick and easy way to glue up open segment pieces using a very precise and east to setup jig.

Working with Earl from Earls Small Segment shop (from Youtube) we have created a jig to make creating an open segment piece much more approachable and fun for  everybody.

The key to the jig is the CNC machined tail stock setup block which allows you to quickly square the jig and set it on center to ensure everything that is glued up is perfectly aligned.

Earl's Small Segment Shop YouTube Video


Here is the overall process:

A.    Mount a Jacobs chuck in your tail stock and tighten it onto the tail stock block pin.  Notice how the platform is self-centering and automatically will become square.

B.    Slide the banjo jig post through the height ring and then into the lathe banjo.

C.    Rest the platform on top of the banjo jig post.  Place a level on top of platform, tighten the banjo post lock and slide the height ring down so it sits on top of the banjo and tighten the height ring set screw.

Note – Using a height ring ensures the jig is set to the correct height every time the banjo is moved.

D.    Move the lathe banjo with the jig post so it hits the bottom stop.  See pic below.

E    Move the tail stock so the aluminum edge on the platform is about an inch from the wood base (or ring) then lock the banjo and tail stock in place.
F.    Ensure the jig banjo post is hitting the wooden block “stop” on the bottom of the platform.

H.    You are ready to glue up a ring.

Kit Includes:

1 - Platform with CNC Machined tail stock setup block

2 - Index Wheel Steel Post with Spring loaded Locking pin

3 - Banjo Post and Height Ring

4 - Stop Block

5 - Color Step-by-Step Setup Guide with Youtube Setup Video Link

NOTE - NO Index Wheel or Locking Post is included in this kit

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EZ Open Segment Form Jig for Woodturning Lathes

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